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Designed to be Used On Any Device

With innovative designs and responsive technology Fortify is easy to use on any device. Take it with you anywhere you go. The entire program from start to finish can be completed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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52 Video-Based Lessons

The Fortify Program will walk you through more than fifty short videos that cover the science of addiction, the harms of pornography, tools to help you break free, and other helpful information so that you can be empowered to overcome your struggle with pornography.

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Personalized Battle Tracker Calendar

The battle tracker is a daily calendar that will allow you to record your victories and your setbacks. Not only can you record the day that you had a setback but also the time, location, and device used. Tracking this information will help you see trends in your behavior, allowing you to make necessary changes.

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Go at Your Own Pace

We recommend taking about 3 months to fully complete the Fortify program but you can go faster or slower depending on your needs. We are here to help you and we will never push you to go faster or slower. Your recovery pace is up to you.

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Earn Badges and Track Your Progress

The Fortify Program provides a personalized dashboard that shows you your progress in the program. It also shows what badges and stars you've earned. Earn all 14 badges to complete the program.

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In-Depth Inventories and Personal Surveys

Often times the root problem to a pornography addiction is much deeper than most people think. Through our surveys and inventories we will help you discover the root cause of your addiction and show you how to break free.

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18 Personalized Battle Strategies

Due to the fact that everyone’s recovery is unique and varies from individual to individual, the Fortify Program helps you create your own personal Battle Strategies so that you can overcome your struggle in a way that is perfect for you.

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